eating and drinking

  • In the sparkle of the seashore, we prepare you for the day with a delicious breakfast, accompanied by the sparkle of cold Azmak water and the fragrant breeze coming from the forest. Aegean tastes at Mavna Restaurant start to show up on your breakfast table for the first time. Extra virgin olive oil accompanied by our specially prepared olive varieties from olives collected around the bay and the thyme of our mountains; In addition to ezine cheese, our other local cheese varieties; Special pine and flower honeys special to the region, specially prepared jam varieties, fresh vegetables carried to your table from the fertile gardens of the region and Aegean herbs are waiting for you at the breakfast table special to Baga with our beverages, cakes and bread varieties that will complement your breakfast table in the best way. Our garden, which is a unique beauty where you can enjoy your coffees after breakfast, will add a different color to your day. Afterwards, you can continue on the beach, on our private platform on the sea shore, on comfortable sun loungers or in our living areas where you can feel yourself in the forest and offer you the Gulf of Gökova, or by the pool in line with your request. Mavna Restaurant will continue to offer special tastes for you in all these areas. Baga will give you the pleasure of watching the sunset from the best angle of the Gulf of Gökova. On the one hand, Mavna Restaurant will present you the ambiance of the Black Sea with the cool Azmak water flowing beside you and the lush green forest, and on the other hand, it will also present a warm evening pleasure with its unique location where the Aegean and the Mediterranean meet. All these beauties are waiting for you to be served with the decent service of Baga for your dinner table, from Mavna Cuisine, which prepares delightful tastes for you. Our colorful and delicious appetizers, which have the characteristics of other regions of our country as well as the Aegean, are presented for your selection in the specially prepared appetizer tray. We can present you the delicious fish of the Gulf accompanied by “Turkish Elders”. The delicious seafood brought by Akyaka Fishermen with its nets and parakets from the cool waters of the gulf will be presented to you with the methods that Mavna Restaurant Kitchen will prepare in the most appropriate way for your taste. If you wish, taste the chef's Cretan-style lagoon, asparagus and shrimp sauce, fish in coal or milk! We guarantee you the flavor you will never forget. Baga Cuisine also thinks of those who are not good with seafood. If you wish, with the ones we chose from our menu and the world cuisine; If you wish, let us enjoy your dinner table with tastes unique to our country. From our rich wine menu, you can find wine options suitable for the tastes you choose. Do not leave Gökova before you enjoy Baga! "Just as Halikarnas Balıkçısı says: See Rome and die, see Gokova and live!


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